Mining power supply is all that we do. As a result, we are an independent power supplier who not only understands power generation – but who understands power generation for mining operations. We can work directly with mining companies or through their independent power consultants.

With our market-leading technology, we are at the forefront of mine power system design, specialising in the installation, operation and maintenance of power stations throughout Africa.

Modifications and enhancements incorporated into our off grid mining power systems include such innovations as:

  • Redesigned cooling systems
  • Optimised air intakes
  • Customised control systems
  • Proprietary lubrication systems
  • High air flow engine hall designs (not containerised)

As a result, we are far more than a traditional mine power rental company. We purpose build mine power solutions so that mine electricity is delivered with industry leading efficiency and reliability.

As leading specialists in mine site power station design, construction and operation, we have a proven track record in the delivery of reliable, cost-effective mine power systems.

We deliver an essential service to our mining customers in remote and often challenging climates. As a result we focus on building long-term partnerships with our clients, working closely with them to improve cost and efficiency outcomes. Business relationships are built on reliability and excellence and we guarantee this through meticulous design, scrupulous product maintenance and testing and frequent upgrades.

To find out more about our mine power systems and how we can deliver a custom solution which works for your mining operation, please contact us today.