As an industry leader, KPS has achieved outstanding availability and reliability at it power stations through investment in:

  • installed minimum redundancy capability at each power station
  • diligently managed oil, maintenance and condition monitoring programs to ensure preventative maintenance is undertaken to avoid breakdowns and outages
  • remote monitoring of equipment to identify performance issues and have them attended to before they escalate
  • continued optimisation of control systems to maximise renewable energy consumption
  • continued equipment and technology development to extend equipment component life and reduce maintenance costs
  • dedicated operational, maintenance and support crews

KPS has an experienced and capable team of operational staff who plan and execute asset management and maintenance strategies to ensure maximum availability and reliability of installed mine power systems.

By leveraging our comprehensive expertise and resources, KPS's in-house capability delivers:

  • sophisticated asset monitoring and outage prevention activities
  • quick response times to resolve availability and reliability issues
  • ongoing development of innovations to enhance reliability and durability of KPS mining power supply