KPS’ core values underpin the way in which we conduct our business, interact with our clients and other stakeholders, and operate as a team to ensure delivery of ongoing service excellence.

  • Partnership Approach: To KPS “Partnership” means delivering outcomes to meet the needs of our clients. It means working to capitalise upon our respective strengths and skills to achieve more together than is possible independently. A long-term partnership allows a depth of engagement to achieve results, reliability/security, and shared responsibility.
  • Transparency: KPS’ commitment to a partnering approach leads naturally to transparency. We welcome regular feedback from all our stakeholders and respond promptly to enquiries.
  • Commitment to Outcomes: The KPS team are a practical group. This cultural disposition is based on delivering measurable outcomes: facilities built, energy generated, fuel efficiency achieved, reliability, carbon emissions minimised, jobs created and long term relationships with stakeholders. The KPS commitment to outcomes ensures that power station projects are delivered on-time and on-budget and that operations are efficient and effective. We will diligently strive to meet and exceed performance targets of our mining clients.