KPS has forged its market leading remote power supply reputation by listening to our customers, delivering innovative solutions and providing feature-rich remote power systems with superior reliability and efficiency.

Established in 1981, KPS has enjoyed a consistent reputation for achieving the cost effective delivery of remote electricity with industry benchmark fuel efficiency, availability and reliability. Our power generation solutions are designed and built specifically for each customer’s requirements, backed by the knowledge, experience and specialisation developed over 30 years.

With current remote electricity generation contracts exceeding 270MW across more than 20 mine sites, KPS is a leader in remote power management and electricity generation.

At KPS, we pride ourselves on delivering on-time and on-budget remote power solutions for our mining clients, delivering on our undertakings, our ability to develop partnering relationships based on competent delivery of outcomes, being responsive and continuously excelling in remote power generation.

For more information on our remote power systems and how we can custom design a solution for your particular business needs, contact KPS Power Africa today.