Mining companies looking to outsource power supply sometimes turn to portable power rental companies. This avoids capital expenditure, however, most providers of rental power solutions maintain generic fleets of containerised generators which are ideal for outsourced short-term rental, but typically not ideal for more permanent outsourced power station infrastructure.

Such power rental equipment is portable, easy to ship and mostly consists of off-the-shelf OEM equipment. Whilst these power rental solutions are ideal for temporary situations such as construction sites and events, they are not purpose built and typically do not contain all of the features, customisation and enhancements associated with highly efficient mining power infrastructure.

Unlike rental power systems, each KPS power station is specifically designed for the mining operation. Generators are housed in a high air flow engine hall, which is modular and able to be easily expanded as well as making maintenance activities easy for staff to carry out in a comfortable environment. Our customised cooling and exhaust systems significantly improve performance and our control systems deliver operational simplicity and reliability.

Before talking to a rental power company about mine site power generation, talk to us to understand the difference between rental equipment and true mine site power infrastructure built for the long term and built to impress.

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