Off grid power systems are uniquely challenging.

There are significant inherent risks to achieving uninterrupted, efficient off grid power supply to mining operations, including:

  • Specification risk
  • Design risk
  • Construction risk
  • Operational risk
  • Equipment maintenance risk
  • Fuel efficiency risk
  • Outage risk

In Africa, these risks can be exacerbated by such complexities as logistical issues, inconsistent infrastructure quality, parts availability and the sheer remoteness of many mining locations.

As a dedicated Build | Own | Operate (BOO) power provider specialising in mining operations, KPS has significant experience in addressing and controlling these risks - we have built an enviable track record in the supply of off grid power solutions for mining companies.

We are proud specialists in BOO power. It is all that we do – in fact we have designed, built and operated over 40 off grid power stations for remote mining operations. By entrusting KPS to build and operate their off grid power stations, mining companies effectively transfer the risks inherent in a non-core activity to an industry specialist. And as a single focussed specialist company, KPS gladly accepts and manages these risks as part of our business model.

The alternative to outsourced power generation is for a mining operation to own and operate its own off grid power station. Here the mining company must assume all or most of the above risks. Typically an EPC contractor is appointed to carry out construction activities. Because the nature of securing EPC contracts often comes down to minimising price, there is little incentive for EPC bidders to invest in enhancements and customisation for long term benefits in the same way that KPS does. As a result, the finished product may have sub-optimal fuel efficiency, include standard off-the-shelf OEM equipment, develop reliability issues over time and can be costly to operate and maintain.

An outsourced power generation strategy through KPS delivers numerous operational advantages to mining operations from our investment in equipment, our innovations and our experience.

Because we have a vested financial and reputational interest in ensuring our asset is built to last, is reliable and efficient, we build up to a standard, not down to a price!

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