For over 30 years KPS has been a leading provider of independent power systems to Australian mining operations and in 2016 we established KPS Power Africa, bringing our expertise to the African market, delivering independent power supplies to mining, oil and gas companies across the continent.

As an independent power provider (IPP), we specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of independent power systems. Our first-class solutions are cost-effective and reliable and feature the latest technology from the world’s leading suppliers. With our experience and proven track record in supplying independent power to remote sites, our expertise and capabilities are unmatched.

We are an IPP company who is wholly committed to both product investment and customer service. This enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of the world’s finest independent power systems and receive the highest level of technical support, to guarantee reliable and robust independent power supply. Furthermore, our widespread knowledge and capabilities equip us to provide informative and unbiased support, making it easier for our clients to form educated decisions about the independent power solutions they require.

If you are looking for an independent power company with credibility and world-class expertise, contact KPS Power Africa today.